Office Trends for 2023

The past few years have fully changed employee expectations for their office spaces across design, functionality, and aesthetics. Disappearing are the days of corporate offices with fluorescent lighting, boxed-in cubicles, and clunky desks.

Millennials and all generations alike silently demand that jobs offer workers amenities and environments that enhance their workplace experience and make their commutes worth it. Technology allows companies to improve worker productivity and provide more flexibility to their staff.

The average person will spend 13 years of their life working. If you own a business or manage an office, here are five trends you can implement to make your workplace more appealing to potential hires.

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Sustainable Office Design

 As concerns for the climate and earth grow in awareness, we’re seeing these concerns filter into the workplace. Companies are spearheading sustainability initiatives to lower their carbon footprint and attract employees incentivized by sustainability.

Let’s check out some examples of office sustainability:

  • Install energy-saving components
  • Buy furniture and fixtures from sustainable materials
  • Use low-VOC paints and finishes
  • Reuse materials with office design changes

Flexible & Diverse

Flexible office interiors allow employees to move around the office, make themselves comfortable, and as an end result increase productivity. Wise employers understand that employees have ever-changing needs.

This can include communal areas, bookable work rooms, brainstorming areas, socialization zones, and even nap rooms.

Does your office need to include all of these things?

No, but ask your staff what additions to the office will give team members an increased sense of belonging, positivity, and productivity.

Technology Driven

The rise of hybrid work has encouraged offices to implement smart tech. New technology allows for office environments to connect with remote employees in different time zones with video conference meetings and integrated collaboration tools.

For those who remain in the office, cool gadgets like app-controlled coffee machines allow workers to stay productive while enjoying office benefits.

Supporting Employee Mental Health

 Of all the office trends of 2023, office mental health initiatives may be the most necessary. Scores of employees decided to leave positions because of mental health and sought new employers that prioritized worker happiness.

 If you don’t take proactive steps toward employee wellness, they will underperform and eventually leave.

 Invest in changing your company culture, building deeper connections with your employees, and offering sustainable and diverse work options. 

Embrace Nature

 Incorporating nature into your office environment will be a popular office trend in 2023 as businesses go beyond a few potted plants. Many will say we as humans are meant to be outside, so spending so long indoors without feeling connected to nature can be harmful. Studies like this one from BioScience found that nature has a lasting positive impact on our well-being by reducing stress and increasing happiness.

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Here are a few ways to incorporate nature into your office:

  • Bring biophilic walls into the office to integrate natural elements into the office.
  • Maximize natural light by removing blinds and window coverings and adding skylights when possible.
  • Create dedicated green spaces with plants and small trees, preferably in dedicated relaxing areas. 
  • If you have outdoor space maximize it by creating seating, taking advantage of sunlit areas, and adding native plants.

Closing Thoughts

 We hope your business can successfully implement these five office trends for 2023. Not only will your employees benefit, but your bottom line as well. If you need help implementing these trends, Apex Facility Resources helps create simple solutions for complex workplace problems.