Three Tips to Create a Productive Open Workspace




Over the past few decades, the standards for offices and workspaces have evolved from the closed-off cubicle farms of the past. Almost every business has shifted its spaces to be more collaborative. Companies at every stage – from startups to well-established corporate entities – are continuously adapting their offices to boost the productivity of their people who make the business come alive every day.

If you’re considering taking the plunge to an open workspace, check out our tips to ensure it results in a space that encourages productivity:


  1. Your Employees are People Too: An open office plan can help facilitate collaboration that can lead to great results for your company’s bottom line. But what about the moments your employees might experience at work that require a little more privacy? If you’re considering remodeling to an open workspace, be sure to include areas where people can go to take private phone calls or just have a moment away from the hustle and bustle of a hectic office.


  1. Build Multi-Functional Spaces: Everyone in your business is working together towards the same goal of supporting and maintaining the success of your business, as well as their own individual careers. Despite having the same common goal, individual teams may require more frequent in-person collaboration than others, and it could have disastrous (and disruptive) consequences in an open workspace. Our team of specialists has expertise in creating multi-functional spaces that can be transformed in minutes to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your team. Creating a conference room on-demand gives your employees the flexibility and the space that they need without negatively impacting other colleagues.


  1. Create Mobile or Hoteling Stations: Yelling at a colleague on the other side of the room might be effective for some, and a complete distraction to others. Some teams may benefit from the use of multi-functional workspaces; some team members may need the flexibility to move their workspace around to ensure they can collaborate with others without restricting the space they can occupy. Mobile desks or the ability to change desks offers unlimited flexibility and can help your employees work together like never before.

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