Four Signs It’s Time for an Office Refresh

As we look to navigate a return to the office, we are faced with what the new normal looks like. If your current floorplan is not setup for your employees to safely return, our team can help you get there. These are the top 4 signs our team recognizes as indicators your office needs a refresh before your employees return:

  1. Physical distancing is not possible
    1. If your employees are packed to the point that physical distancing 6’ from one another is impossible or if your employees struggle to find a workstation, it may be time to assess and reconfigure your floorplan. Our team can analyze your floor plan to assess the space utilization and recommend space utilization tips from reconfigures to desktop screening


  1. You can’t answer the question “When was the last time X was cleaned?”
    1. A full workstation cleaning and disinfection goes beyond the normal janitorial duties. Our team can properly clean and disinfect commonly missed pieces like panels, electronics, doorknobs, remotes, and more.


  1. Unused/underutilized spaces –  that one specific huddle area, breakroom, etc. that no one ever seems to use
    1. Underutilized floorspace is where companies are most likely to waste money. Convert unused spaces into functional spaces your team will be excited to use.


  1. Technology out-of-date 
    1. If employees find themselves under their desk looking for plugins or unable to properly charge during a meeting, your technology
      1. Workstations – power accessibility may need a refresh. Desktop power modules are a budget-friendly solution to provide your team the power they need to operate at their workstations.
      2. Conference table power – conference tables should accommodate a variety of power options including AC power and USB. Easy accessibility keeps meetings running smoothly.


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If your office needs a refresh before your employees return, contact us for idea starters today!