Four Solutions for an Outdated Workspace

Maintaining an office space that is on the leading edge of design can be a tough challenge. Workspace trends are constantly evolving to help boost productivity, increase morale, and even support the health and wellness of individual employees through ergonomic design. While this challenge may seem daunting, there is good news: your office can get an upgrade without starting from scratch! Check out our simple solutions to help modernize your company’s workspace without the hassle.

  1. Maximize Existing Space: Although it may seem like the workspace your organization needs is out of reach due to its size or configuration, chances are there are more opportunities to expand within your current space than it seems. Consider revamping a dilapidated conference room to serve as a space for brainstorming, or even bringing life to an outdated office by transforming it into a small breakout workspace for small teams. Begin this process by reaching out to the people who matter most: your employees. Chances are they have some ideas that will make their jobs easier and make your bottom line even stronger.  


  1. Make Yourself at Home: Allowing employees to have the opportunity to work from home is a great perk; it helps reduce the number of commuters on the road, may prevent burnout, and can help boost productivity. Unfortunately, depending on the industry of your business, remote work may not be a viable option. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the comforts of home to your office! Our team members travel across the country multiple times per year to learn about the latest and greatest in workspace design, including residentially-inspired office furniture. Our experts can help provide insight on creating a cozy, yet productive space, with trendy and comfortable pieces that are built to last.


  1.  Movement Matters: If tearing down walls and reconfiguring entire spaces simply isn’t on the agenda for your business, consider swapping out stationary desks for mobile standing desks. Employees will appreciate having the opportunity to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day and can also make great use of the existing space by moving their desks around to be near other colleagues.


  1.  Less Ego, More Collaboration: In previous years, large offices were typically given to those in high-level leadership positions. While these spaces may have been used to facilitate a large volume of meetings in the past, these offices have become largely obsolete due to recent advancements in digital and telecommunications. Today, overly large offices continue to exist in ego-driven workplaces as well as outdated offices in need of a makeover. While the time may not be right for a full-blown office remodel, consider adapting an existing personal office to be used to for multiple people or evolve it into a small conference room that individuals can access on an as-needed basis for meetings, calls, and more! Your employees will be grateful to have a little bit of extra space available to them when they need it most.

From healthcare facilities to leading engineering firms, our team members at Apex Facility Resources are experts in the lifecycle of professional workspaces. Contact us today to learn more about how we can partner with you to modernize your workplace with custom solutions designed with your organization in mind.