5 Ways to Bring Summer into your Workspace



It’s not easy to work when the sun is tempting you to skip responsibilities and take a half-day. In fact, a recent study shows that workplace productivity drops by nearly 20% in the summer months. Bring the summer fun into the office so employees feel encouraged and fulfilled. Need help creating a seasonal escape? Check out our tips and tricks to rejuvenate your workspace for the rest season:

Summer Workplace Tip #1: Incorporate Natural Elements

Create a sense of the outdoors, directly inside your office, with natural elements. Open the windows, let in some fresh air, and add a few botanicals to your interior. Studies show that adding natural elements to the workplace improves productivity and employee mentality. So, go ahead — buy those cute succulents for your desk!

Summer Workplace Tip #2: Encourage Wellness

Motivate your team to get active: Schedule group walks or bocce ball games at lunchtime, provide fresh fruit and healthy snacks, or start a company-wide fitness contest. These activities boost wellness as well as employee morale. Summer is an ideal time to consider ergonomic designs such as standing desks, pedestals and desk accessories.

Summer Workplace Tip #3: Take Control of the Clutter

Are you tired of looking at cluttered work stations, break rooms and lounge areas? You’re not alone! Maximize your current workspace with the use of customized storage solutions! From corporate documents to hefty furniture, warehousing can provide you with the organization you’ve been searching for. When you have a system in place for taking control of your workspace assets, don’t wait until next year to reorganize. Start a “clean office initiative” and keep your team involved.

Summer Workplace Tip #4: Reconfigure or Relocate Your Workspace

It’s the perfect time to start planning a summer workplace change–such as an office reconfiguration, or even relocation. Monotony within the workplace can cause a lack of creativity and inspiration. Designing a flexible, creative workspace with common lounge areas can spark collaborations and chance encounters among employees.

Summer Workplace Tip #5: Focus on the Team

As you make changes to your office, ask for feedback. Distribute a questionnaire to find out how your team prefers to work – a casual lounge area, a private space, or a standing desk? Beyond workspace design is the ideal of relationships. Valuing your team’s opinions will build stronger relationships between management levels and create an inclusive atmosphere.


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