One-Stop-Shop for Office Redesign in Seattle

The data is in and cubicle-based office planning is out, but you probably already knew that! Businesses all over the country, and especially in the bustle of Seattle are updating their offices to meet the needs of their employees and attract new talent. At Apex Facility Resources, we create customized office workplace planning solutions that are future-proof in order to meet the needs of your employees and projects for years to come. From planning to install to management, Apex’s comprehensive Office Planning solutions have you covered every step of the way.


The only thing a business can count on is change; the only way to manage change is to plan. Developing an effective plan isn’t exclusive to an office move or redesign. Streamlining every aspect of facilities management while also accounting for your growth trajectory within your office plan will increase productivity and minimize inefficiency, leaving you the time and peace of mind to focus on your business.


Apex offers a full range of workplace products: furniture, architectural products, storage, and ergonomic accessories. At Apex, we’re client advocates; our approach is always “solutions first,” which is why we don’t maintain exclusive relationships with manufacturers. We strive to be able to provide our clients with the most diverse range of product options in order to meet their diverse needs. The right solution is more important than an expensive chair.


Across the hall, across the street, or across time zones, a move presents an exciting opportunity to hit the big reset button and make big changes. Moves can also create disruptive, productivity-diminishing pitfalls. Apex’s highly trained professionals streamline the move process to deliver flawless service.


Twenty-first-century workplaces are complex ecosystems. Workspace management services ensure that physical buildings, the spaces they enclose, and the technologies that keep everything running are all working together to keep your business moving forward. Successful management requires experience and expertise to predict the ebb and flow of the many systems that comprise a business. The best facilities managers can recognize the onset of change in time to avert a crisis.

The challenge of an office redesign in Seattle increases every day as more businesses crowd in. Executing a redesign that doesn’t significantly disrupt your office workflow and productivity requires scrupulous planning and wrangling various disparate entities.

If you’re considering a redesign, move, or interested in a professional workspace management service, call Apex Facility Resources today.