5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day in the Office

While Valentine’s Day is primarily known as a romantic holiday for celebrating sweethearts, it can also be a fun way to promote workplace culture.

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday, making it perfect for employee celebrations. Liven up your workplace with the following ideas:

Host a Festive Party


A few days before Valentine’s Day, send out a company-wide invitation to a themed lunch. The party can include a potluck with heart-shaped foods, a playlist containing the word “love” in the title, and plenty of decorations. Heart-shaped garlands, red flowers, and monitor screens saying, "Happy Valentine's Day" is a great way to add pops of color to the workplace.

If your employees are frequently in the field, schedule an early happy hour to better accommodate their schedules. Have a few bottles of wine, a cheese platter, and chocolate-covered strawberries to show your employees gratitude. Nothing says, “Happy Valentine’s Day” like a few sweet treats.

Create Love Art


Valentine’s Day is centered around the concept of love. Foster appreciation within the office by creating a “love board” where employees can write one thing they love about working at your company. This can range from awesome snacks to expressing gratitude to a favorite mentor.

If you have a lot of team members, or a large company, you can create a love board where everyone brings in a picture of something or someone they love. Suggestions include pictures of a significant other, favorite hobby, vacation spots, or beloved furry friends. This can be a great way to learn more about each other and spark interesting conversations.

Spread love in the communityvday-1

Schedule a group activity to craft Valentine’s Day cards with heartfelt messages for those who may need a little extra love this special day. Reaching out to a local retirement community, hospital, or military office can help spread the love within the community.

If you like the idea of sharing valentines within the office, be sure to make a few extra for unexpected clients or visitors (such as the local mailman or delivery driver) who may stop in throughout the day. This act of kindness is a gesture of appreciation.

Have Valentine’s Day Themed Activities


Create a playful, relaxed atmosphere with a few themed games or activities. Encourage employees to participate in a “Red Elephant” exchange with only red items. Or fill a container with red Hershey kisses and ask employees to guess how many kisses there are. Award the winner with the “Kisses Jar” and a pair of movie tickets.

Playing a few games between meetings will break up daily routines and won’t go unnoticed by employees – a win for both parties. Go ahead, play on! (Remember, when in doubt, about games or activities – check with your H.R. department.)

Express Gratitude for your Work Team


Expressing gratitude to your work team is extremely important; however, it doesn’t happen as frequently as it should. In fact, according to a recent Gallup workplace survey, only one in three workers in the U.S. strongly agree that they received recognition or praise for doing good work in the past seven days.

Increase workplace engagement and spirit with a simple compliment or act of praise. This can be done in person, by writing a letter, or through a random act of kindness.

This year, make Valentine’s Day a team-building day. Show love to your community, schedule fun activities, and inspire employees to look at it as more than just a day of love, but a day of kindness and joy.

We’d love to hear how your office celebrates – share your Valentine’s Day ideas in the comments below!

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