Valentine's Day Celebrations in the Hybrid Office

While Valentine’s Day is primarily known as a romantic holiday for celebrating sweethearts, it can also be a fun way to promote workplace culture. In the context of a hybrid office setup, where employees divide their time between the office and home, celebrating Valentine's Day may seem challenging. However, with a little creativity and planning, it is possible to create a memorable and enjoyable celebration for both on-site and remote employees.

To create a successful hybrid Valentine's Day celebration, it is important to combine virtual and in-person activities. This ensures that both on-site and remote employees can actively participate and enjoy the festivities.

Host a Festive Party

Employees enjoying a social gathering with wine and food.

Send out a company-wide invitation for a hybrid-themed lunch, accommodating both in-office and remote employees. Encourage a potluck with heart-shaped foods, share a playlist with love-themed songs, and decorate the office space with heart-shaped garlands, red flowers, and virtual backgrounds for online participants. Hosting an early happy hour can also provide a chance for remote employees who are frequently in the field and in-office teams to celebrate together. Have a few bottles of wine, a cheese platter, and chocolate-covered strawberries to show your employees gratitude. Nothing says, “Happy Valentine’s Day” like a few sweet treats.

Virtual Love Art


Incorporate a virtual "love board" where employees, regardless of their location, can write one thing they love about working at your company. This can range from awesome snacks to expressing gratitude to a favorite mentor.

If you have a lot of team members, or a large company, organize a virtual show-and-tell session where team members share pictures of what they love, fostering connections and sparking interesting conversations. This approach brings a personal touch to the celebration, making everyone feel involved and valued.

Spread love in the community


Organize a virtual group activity to craft Valentine’s Day cards with heartfelt messages, extending the celebration beyond the office to retirement communities and hospitals, which can help spread the love within the community.

If you like the idea of sharing valentines within the office, be sure to make a few extra for unexpected clients or visitors (such as the local mailman or delivery driver) who may stop in throughout the day. This act of kindness is a gesture of appreciation.

Hybrid Themed Activities


Create a playful, relaxed atmosphere with a few themed games or activities suitable for both remote and in-office teams. Consider hosting a "Love Bingo" game, where participants mark off spaces with romantic activities they've done or hope to do. For remote employees, an online trivia game about famous couples or love-themed movies can create an engaging virtual atmosphere. Spice things up with a "Virtual Escape Room: Love Edition" that challenges teams to solve romantic puzzles and unlock the secret to a virtual getaway. Awarding digital gift cards or online subscriptions as prizes ensures that the excitement of these games extends to every team member, whether they're working in the office or remotely.

Express Gratitude for your Work Team


In a hybrid environment, expressing gratitude becomes even more crucial. Leverage virtual platforms to acknowledge and praise your work team. Whether through video calls, emails, or collaborative online platforms, make an effort to recognize and appreciate your employees for their contributions. Encouraging a culture of gratitude contributes to increased engagement and a positive work atmosphere.

This year, make Valentine’s Day a team-building day. Show love to your community, schedule fun activities, and inspire employees to look at it as more than just a day of love, but a day of kindness and joy.

We’d love to hear how your office celebrates – share your Valentine’s Day ideas in the comments below!

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Updated 02/02/2024