Host a Great Virtual Halloween Party

Even though we are still physically distancing, it is important to keep up company culture and morale. Hosting a virtual Halloween party for your team is a great way to get together while apart. Here are some of our ideas for a successful 2020 Virtual Halloween Office Party:

  1. Make your virtual background festive
    • Use construction paper or dollar store bin decorations to spookify the area that appears in the frame of your webcam

Zoom background ideas

  1. Masks/Costume contest
    • Group theme or a free for all; just masks or full costumes; the possibilities are endless
      Masks are an easy accessory for a virtual Halloween party
  2. Games!
    • Halloween movie or folklore trivia
    • Pumpkin carving or painting contest
  3. Watch a movie together!
    • Platforms like Netflix Party, Hulu Watch Party, or Metastream allow groups to watch to content together while still being able to communicate. (Think synchronized videos combined with group chats!)
    • *Disclaimer: all work policies are different, make sure your film is appropriate and follows your company guidelines BEFORE the event!
    • Safe for work spooky movies:
        • Nightmare Before Christmas
        • Hocus Pocus
        • Beetlejuice
        • Casper
        • Ghostbusters
        • Clue
  1. Craft beverage/signature spooky cocktail
    • Whether you will be drinking cocktails or mocktails, you can create a custom fun beverage for your team to drink together. Send out the recipe ahead of time, so everyone can be sure to have the right ingredients
      1. See these recipes for over 40 spooky-themed drinks from Good Housekeeping


  1. If you have a party/event budget to use, you can organize small goody bags to be shipped/delivered to attendees ahead of time.
    • Candy bars or ingredients to make the featured drink


What is your office doing to celebrate Halloween this year? Let us know in the comments!