How to Achieve Acoustic Privacy

Over the last few years, open workspaces have grown exponentially. Large private offices have become landscapes of the past, because collaborative spaces have the power to unite, strengthen and grow teams. However, the opportunity for distraction increases as walls are removed. As experts in workplace design, we believe sound masking technologies are the perfect solution to increase productivity and concentration.

What is Sound Masking?

Sound masking is the process of adding unstructured sounds to a high traffic environment. Typically, unobtrusive sounds like airflow, similar to a typical HVAC system, is placed into a workplace.

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How Sound Masking Works

Sound masking works in two, distinct ways. First, it raises the ambient noise level within the workplace. This gives the illusion of a quieter, less distracting space. Secondly, sound masking has the power to make speech sounds less intelligible. Office chatter will no longer be heard throughout the workday, giving rise to an undisturbed environment. 

Accomplishing Sound Privacy

We’ve teamed up with Speech Privacy Systems to deliver the highest quality sound masking technology. Known as the “ABC’s,” we’ve found that absorbing, blocking and covering are the best ways to increase sound privacy. 

  • Absorption of sound waves can be achieved with ceiling tiles or acoustic wall paneling. 
  • Blocking with the use of panels, partitions, and demountable walls provide temporary relief.
  • Covering, by adding a layer of unstructured, ambient background sound can also be installed (sound masking!).

A combination of the ABCs has been proven to improve acoustic environments and achieve the ultimate level of sound privacy.

Implementing Sound Masking 

If you’d like to achieve greater sound privacy within your workplace, contact Apex for additional information in regards to pricing and installation. We look forward to helping you!

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