How to Maximize a Small Office Space

It’s no secret Seattle has become a paradise for companies seeking the next wave of young and fresh talent. Businesses across multiple industries are setting up shop in the vibrant community that is the Emerald City, especially as they are priced out of even hotter markets such as San Francisco or New York City.

Though Seattle is relatively young in comparison to other cosmopolitan hotspots, this city is facing issues typically reserved for long-established cities, including one of the lowest office space vacancy rates in the nation. According to the Seattle Times, some areas of Seattle are currently experiencing the lowest vacancy rate among the 10 largest downtown-based office markets in the United States.


As a result, Seattle office spaces are getting smaller and more costly each and every day. Whether it’s cramming a small space with too many employees or struggling with adapting older workspaces for a new era, almost every company based in the Pacific Northwest is faced with these challenges. The good news? Apex Facility Resources is here to help! Check out our tips for maximizing a small office space as you battle Seattle’s lowest office vacancy rate in history:


Start Early: Space planning & programming is often one of the most overlooked aspects of developing an efficient workspace. Your people need room to roam, interact, and collaborate to push your business forward. It is important to plan spaces early to ensure you create an environment that is flexible to the needs of your culture and future growth.


Adapt Now: Believe it or not, the standard industry timeframe for Workspace obsolescence is just 18 months! That means in less than two years, your company may need to make a major shift in its physical space to ensure it can survive inevitable growth. Our experts recommend beginning plans for new iterations of existing spaces as soon as possible to help ensure you can keep your highly-coveted office for years to come!


Plan for change: Modern workspaces are more complex and interconnected than ever before. Everything from the physical space to the furniture that fills it will be a contributing factor to your company’s long-term success. Just as important? The people who are using the office space and carrying out the important work that makes your business come alive every day.


At Apex Facility Resources, we are dedicated to evolving the workspace to support our client’s success.  In addition to workspace planning and furnishing, we offer space utilization tools such as Apex Facility Soft which simplifies workspace management.  Our purpose is to remove the workspace “hassel tax” so they can focus on their mission.


No matter where your company is in the life cycle of its workspace, it’s never too early or too late to develop and implement a space that can help increase productivity and efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support every aspect of your office space needs!

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