Making Room for Change: Growth in a Packed Workplace

Growth is an important aspect of strategy for any business. It indicates your company is not only successful in its mission but thriving! To continue and expand upon each stage of success, it may be necessary to bring in additional help.

But how do you bring in more people to a space that is already at max capacity? Office reconfiguration is an excellent alternative to finding additional office space, especially as commercial real estate availability continues to drop. While remote working and telecommuting can be a great way to introduce additional team members, there will be times when everyone is required to be in the same space.

Office reconfiguration is an option for any existing workspace. Temporary fixes like mobile workstations can allow existing areas to accommodate more people. However, when pursuing temporary options, be sure to consider how the addition of new employees may impact the noise level in the workspace; even the world’s greatest employees require a reasonable volume allowing them to focus and work without shouting over others.

You may need of extra help for the long-haul, requiring long-term solutions such as demountable walls. We can help you convert large, outdated offices into conference rooms or install open desk spaces. The best part about these solutions is that they can be moved around and scaled to fit the exact needs of your unique workspace.

Don’t worry about making hasty decisions! Our team of experts have a depth of knowledge in each stage of the office and business lifecycle. We’ll work with you to look ahead to the future, while planning for the now. Contact us today to learn more.