Employee Spotlight: Matt Watson

At Apex Facility Resources, we believe that our greatest strength is our people. We are proud of our dedicated team of unique and talented employees who enact Apex values to deliver the right workspace every day.

What problems do you solve for clients in your role?
I work with clients to develop a workspace designed for change. Because the rate of change is impacting the people, technology, and culture we need to provide flexible planning solutions to deliver the right workspace every day.

What do you like most about your position at Apex?
I love solving complex problems and delivering the right results. Every client we work with have a unique set of variables that we need to consider when developing their workspace equation.  The result is delivering a workspace that they love.

What keeps you engaged/passionate outside of work?
I enjoy standing in a river fly fishing for trout and steelhead. The result is nearly a meditative state as I present my fly (fish or bug) in a way that perfectly mimics nature achieving a “grab” or “take” from the fish.  My approach and fly selection and presentation must change with the “hatch” and river conditions to achieve my goal.

How has Apex helped you grow and get to the next level?
I think I’m learning patience and gratitude. I’m lucky to work with people who really care about delivering the right result and work very hard for each other and the customer.  As I continue to grow I realize that the team here at Apex is really committed to our brand pillars of “Trusted Partner”, “Value through Integration” and “Peace of Mind” which really set us up for success.

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would like to see cast as you?
I would have to say Daniel Craig because my wife is in love with him.

What advice do you have for prospective candidates?
If you are a continuous learner who loves solving complex problems delivering impactful results to your client this is the right place to work. We want to improve the lives of others and we have a great opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of the modern workforce.