Need More Privacy? We've Got Solutions!

Do you ever feel yourself becoming distracted by office chit-chat? If you said yes, you’re not alone! 

With the rise of open, collaborative workplaces, privacy has become difficult to maintain. 

Privacy in the workplace can be defined in three terms: acoustical (Can we hear each other?), visual (Can we see each other?), and territorial (Do I have a place that’s just for me?). Since we’re always connected, both physically and virtually, it's important to designate an area for private, personal use. 

Check out our solutions for each privacy issue:

Acoustical Privacy

Office chatter is inevitable, but it is often difficult to ignore. A simple solution is the integration of a sound masking system.

Sound masking works by absorbing, blocking and covering any unwanted sounds in the workplace. Installing acoustic panels, partitions and ambient sound machines can provide your office with desired means of privacy. 

Visual Privacy

When offices adopt an open layout, distractions tend to increase. Creating visual barriers, such as demountable walls, can help maintain focus and design flexibility. Plus, the use of glass increases the natural flow of light and visual space.

Territorial Privacy

Recent design trends have veered away from traditional desks and cubicles. Instead, lounge-like spaces, resembling hotel lobbies, are on the rise. To maintain territorial privacy, employees can use designated lockers to store personal items while they work.


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