Real Time Design


Real Time Design

The Apex Facility Resources design team has over 30 years of experience utilizing technology to simplify the complex for our clients by providing real-time design solutions.  

This design technique provides clients with an opportunity to see changes to their space while connected with the designer in real-time.  

It is a collaborative process where your ideas and our expertise work together. 

By being a one-stop-shop we save our clients time and money through every step of their project.  

Since the evolution of digital technology, real-time design has become a pivotal asset in the development of workspace solutions.  

Whether our clients are designing for satellite offices or simply making changes while working remotely, they can easily step into their space before it is built.   

In many cases we are working on projects with distributed teams throughout the country.    

W hether we’re onsite in your office, meeting virtually, or in a showroom, we move you through the design process as if you are fully immersed in the space while saving time and money! 

You can easily see changes from the layout of the space to the type of finishes on specific products.  

By leveraging design tools like CET, AutoCAD, and Giza our team can provide the best overall design experience from ideation to completion.  

On the spot space manipulation enables our designers to provide multiple perspectives of your space including 2D and 3D dynamic planning solutions so your team can quickly visualize what the new space will look like.  

Our team is skilled in adapting to the distinctive ways you work. 

At the end of the process, we will pull your project together in a look book so you can quickly review the details and share with your team.  

Our goal is to simplify your experience by using real-time design to deliver clarity and confidence in your decisions.  

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