Employee Spotlight: Rebecca Beauchamp

rebecca beauchamp


What is your favorite aspect of your role at Apex?

         Working with clients to find the best solutions for their                specific needs, both functionally and aesthetically.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

         Professionally: “Trust your gut, it has never failed you.” 

         Personally: “Don’t take yourself too seriously.”


What would you tell prospective Apex candidates?

Apex is an amazing group of talented and driven folks who all truly support each other as a team. It feels great to be part of such a vibrant group of people all working towards the same goal.

What benefits do you bring your clients?

I have a passion for Design and love to engage with customers to help them get excited about their spaces, whether it is a small area, multiple floors, or an entire building. I love the fact that every project and customer is different and digging in to find details that can really elevate the project beyond just an office, lobby, or 20 cubicles.

I also bring nearly 20 years of experience in the industry designing commercial spaces, including offices, collaborative environments, senior living, common areas for mixed-use buildings, and projects across so many unique and interesting industries. 

If you could do anything and know you would not fail, what would it be?

Open a boutique farm/creamery/winery/bed & breakfast featuring hand-crafted cheese and wine and classes. “Spotted Paw Winery & Cheese.” Not that I’ve thought about it much. 😊

Tell us something about you that we otherwise wouldn't know?

In my younger years, I rode equestrian and worked my way through college teaching swimming and life-guarding. I am still an enthusiast of all things water and love hiking to waterfalls, strolling the beach, and paddle-boarding. 

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?

Florence Knoll. I have a huge appreciation for what she accomplished in our industry. She truly elevated commercial furniture to an art form and at a time when it was primarily a male-dominated design culture. 

What makes Apex a great place to work?

The people. It is great to be part of a work family with such positive energy and mutual respect.

Which of the 4 Apex Traits applies the most to you?

As a Designer, I’d have to say that I’m a “Natural Problem Solver” as that is what I do daily and to an extent, it encompasses/incorporates the other three Apex Traits of being a continuous & curious learner, embracing change, and finishing the job.

Every project large or small is a puzzle of sorts and it is my job to find the best possible solution that meets the customer's budget, is functional, inviting, and beyond what the customer initially thought possible for their space.

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