Simple Office Hacks for a Healthy Workspace



Creating a healthy workspace that supports functionality and productivity is more important than you think. When your people arrive to work each day, the space that greets them is what sets the tone for all they will accomplish in a day’s work. What type of energy does your office space currently inspire? Everything from the color of the walls to ambient noise can make the difference between average and extraordinary! Check out our expert advice for designing and implementing a healthy workspace to take your people (and your business) to the next level.

  1. Go Green: Is your office prone to high-stress situations? Consider increasing the amount of green in the workspace! Our eyes naturally focus green with the retina, which may decrease strain on eyes. This could help alleviate the symptoms of a high-stress work environment, such as headaches or fatigue. Simple ways to increase the green in the office include wall color or even adding a live plant wall to boost fresh air!
  2. Elevate: They say sitting is the new smoking! Offering employees the option of sitting, perching, or standing at work can help people make healthy choices that will have an impact on their mind and body. There are a variety of tools available to convert traditional desks to standing height, and standing desks are widely available and can be installed in one day.
  3. Be Flexible: Your employees are people too! Allowing the freedom and space for employees to mix up their work environment on demand can help ensure they stay inspired and motivated. Consider implementing unassigned desks in different areas that allow people to unplug from their daily workstations and plug into a new space. It may just lead to their next big idea for your business!


No matter how good a company or product is, people are what make a company come alive to keep business moving each day. Ensuring each employee feels healthy, happy, and inspired in a workspace can be one of the best steps to take to help keep your business thriving! Our expert designers at Apex Facility Resources are available to visit your business to provide assistance in making your company a great place for people to work. Contact us to set up a complimentary consultation today!

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