The Advantages of Working Upright

It’s no secret that the corporate world requires a lot of sitting. Between commuting, multiple meetings, and demanding desk duties, the average American spends between 10-13 hours in a chair per day (!!). This habitual task can lead to a phenomenon known as “sitting disease.” Over time, the sitting disease can lead to larger risks such as chronic pain, obesity, and illness.

Pretty scary statistics if you ask us! So, how do you proactively reduce the harmful risks of prolonged sitting? One way we do this incorporating standing desks and ergonomic products into your workplace. 

Why Work Upright?

  1. Improve Posture
    An ergonomic standing desk will improve your body's posture. It's been shown that standing for an extended period of time will align the spine, and result in reduced lower back pain. 
  2. Promote Movement
    When ergonomic products are properly used, they encourage the movement of core muscle groups. The results are a healthier spine, fewer gastrointestinal problems, better posture, and increased circulation.
  3. Reduces Risk of Disease
    Studies have shown the risks of sitting for 10+ hours a day. Cancer, obesity, and heart disease have all been linked to sitting; reduce these risks by working upright!
  4. Increase Productivity
    Standing not only improves your heath, but it also improves productivity within the workplace. A recent study has shown increased productivity by 53% over the course of a six-month period.

Tips to Get Started

  1. Start Off Slow
    Your muscles will need time to adapt to a new lifestyle, so make a slow transition to the upright work position. Having a mat and supportive shoes will reduce excess pressure off your joints, and prevent injuries from occurring in the future. 
  2. Install Products Properly
    Ergonomic products are only beneficial if they’re used correctly. Place your computer monitor 10-13 inches from your face to reduce eye, neck and spine stress. Standing desks and stools should be adjusted to fit your specific height.
  3. Move and Track It
    As a business that values technology, we believe employees should monitor their movement with fitness bands, smart watches and mobile apps. This not only encourages movement, but adds a fun element to the workplace.


Reccomended Standing Desks

Adjustable Worksurface by Northwest Desk

Northwest Desk is our team's go-to manufacturer for high-quality standing desks at a price that small and mid-market customers can afford. Northwest Desk's adjustable worksurfaces come in a two-leg and three-leg option with 4-position memory, built-in cable management, and an up/down collision system. You can get all the bells and whistles within your budget.

  1. Float by HumanScale
  2. QuickStand by HumanScale

Not quite ready to purchase a brand new desk? HumanScale's QuickStand neatly attaches to the top of your existing fixed-height desk to seamlessly transform it into an active one. You can move the stand up and down throughout the work day to ensure your screen and keyboard are always in the most ergonomically correct position.

Ergonomic Products We Love

Standing Desks 


The product we encourage the most! As discussed, standing desks promote increased movement, circulation, productivity and overall wellness.


Adjustable Monitor Arms

Adjustable arms allow you to place computer monitors at an ideal distance to optimize posture and vision. 


Ergonomic Chairs and Stools


Implement nontraditional seating options within your workplace to increase movement. Medicine balls, stools and backless chairs encourage the use of core muscles to improve posture. 


Movable Accessories


Desk accessories such as a wireless keyboard/mouse, adjustable lighting, and moveable organizers will optimize your individual workspace. See our 5 Favorite Office Accessories for additional ideas!

There’s no denying the benefits of working upright within the workplace. If you'd like to learn more about working upright, contact us for further information.