The Benefits of Demountable Walls

As your workplace continues to grow, you might find yourself becoming distracted by office chit-chat. The addition of new team members often present challenges for adequate space management, acoustic privacy and employee productivity.

Likewise, leasing additional office space or constructing architectural walls can be cost prohibitive. We believe a better option is to reorganize and maximize existing floor space with demountable walls.

Here’s six reasons why your workplace should implement the use of demountable walls:

Design Flexibility

Demountable walls are available in a wide range of surface materials for varying degrees of privacy and function. You can personalize your space, creating the aesthetic of fine custom millwork, or the simple functionality of drywall construction. Plus, the versatile panel sizing conforms to any space dimensions or requirements.

Efficient Construction

Remarkably quick to design, install and reconfigure, demountable walls can be installed in a matter of hours and won’t disrupt your current business activities. The simple installation minimizes downtime and practically eliminates construction mess and waste. They can also be rapidly reconfigured without demolition, and with minimal impact to floor and ceiling.

Modular Flexibility

As your business evolves and grows, demountable walls will present you with endless opportunities. You can easily switch from solid panels to frosted glass, or remove a section of wall to open your office and then reuse that space piece to divide a conference room in half. The technology behind the walls consists of removable elements that allow for easy access to both infrastructure and work spaces. If your office relocates, demountable walls offer a compelling, sustainable solution.

Sustainable Solution

Unlike single-use drywall, demountable wall systems are completely reusable. This automatically reduces consumption and landfill waste. Installations can be easily re-arranged, repurposed, or recycled as the needs of a business change and evolve.

Economical Benefits

Movable walls are often classified as “tangible property” which can be depreciated over just 7 years. Drywall depreciates over the course of 39 years; that’s a big difference! This decreases the cost of the product over its lifetime, and increases its value to you, saving you a significant sum of money in the long run.

Increased Privacy

Demountable walls provide a visual and acoustical solution to foster productivity and focus. Traditional drywall is often stark and monotonous, and permanently separates team members from each other. The use of glass walls promotes privacy, yet integrates the idea of collaboration within the workplace. In addition, glass increases the flow of natural light and visual space.

The benefits of demountable walls are clear, which is why we encourage businesses to implement their use. Have additional inquiries? Contact us to learn more about demountable walls within your workplace.