The Creativity Guide: How to Get Your Employees 'Unstuck'

Where do good ideas happen? The age-old question of where inspiration strikes usually garners a “where you least expect it” response. On the bus, brushing your teeth, carrying too many grocery bags – but those moments of individual clarity and brilliance are rare and striking. More commonly, good ideas happen when different perspectives collide and inspiring conversations occur.

Facilitating conversations between employees from different departments or backgrounds requires a little encouragement. Collaboration happens most frequently within thoughtfully planned environments. We know human beings need space to roam, to interact, and to create.  

We’ve learned that common areas are uncommonly important – this is where chance gatherings and “friendly collisions” occur. Providing those spaces for your team can lead to heightened job satisfaction and talent retention, as well as opening new doors for business growth.

When designing office spaces, maximizing space is important – but it’s far from the only consideration. Take a deeper look and weigh what you want people to accomplish in those spaces, and design to accommodate the goal. Items to take into consideration include your company’s growth goals, complementary departments, tech needs, and team structure.

Developing the right design strategy begins with understanding how your people work, their patterns, and potential opportunities. First, identify what you want your organization to achieve:

  • For more creativity, welcoming break rooms and lounges promote taking time to wander, unwind, and think about out-of-the-box solutions.
  • To promote cross-team interaction and encourage higher productivity, the physical proximity of an open plan workspace promotes interaction – being together really does foster a sense of team spirit and company culture. It also facilitates communication among coworkers and can be a real boost for your culture, morale, and productivity.
  • To improve company culture and retain talent, look to break down silos and strengthen culture with larger spaces that bring people together for specific tasks such as conference rooms and training areas.  

A well-defined workspace strategy is a crucial part of your overall business strategy, and can ultimately improve not just individual creativity, but your organization’s overall performance. Apex Facility Resources designs flexible, efficient workspaces to optimize your investment in both people and space, no matter if you’re looking to redesign your current space or planning for the future. Contact us for specific consultations and projects.