The Crucial Building Block for Growth: Company Culture

There’s beauty in the workings of a high-functioning team, where all members are firing on all cylinders, where creativity and productivity merge, and work product keeps improving. It almost seems to be an unidentifiable magic when it works. In actuality, those rarified teams are the product of creating a well-defined identity, clearly communicating expectations, and finding employees who identify and find meaning within your culture.

One of the most satisfying dimensions of the work Apex does with clients is to identify their company culture and work to strengthen it by providing staff the tools they need in order to do their best work. We also help clarify the definition of company culture – because we’ve done the deep searching to develop our own culture.

At Apex, we seek out staff who are not only experts in their fields, but also share our values and have a passion for inspiring others and instilling a drive for excellence. We’ve identified what makes someone successful at Apex, traits that are baked into the DNA of the company and our employees. Here’s what we look for:

  • Curious and Continuous Learners. We believe this is the cornerstone of personal and professional development.
  • Finishers vs. Starters. Our team knows how to see a task all the way through.
  • Able to Embrace Change. The market is in a perpetual state of change, the ability to adapt to the unfamiliar is crucial.
  • Natural Problem Solvers. This is what we call the "figure it out" factor. It’s how we innovate and deliver on our promises to our clients.

When we’ve stacked our team with people who share similar values, we define our tactics on how to act in the ways that support our identity. We are customer driven: clients are our number one priority. We are responsive - we operate with a sense of urgency to everything we do, through proactive communication we deliver exceptional results. We support our employees’ professional and personal growth through training, frequent performance management conversations and opportunities to advance within the organization. We are agile, adjusting to meet the changing needs of our clients. We’re in this together - one team. We passionately pursue excellence because we stake our reputation on it. And we use our multifaceted expertise to make the complex simple for our clients.

We live these beliefs and apply this philosophy to deliver high-performance workspaces that are adaptable and sustainable (environmentally and economically). We know people are more productive when they’re provided with options to perform their best – we deliver these spaces to improve performance and strengthen culture. Contact us for specific consultations and projects –  or reach out if you identify with our traits!

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