The Mother’s Room: A Necessity for Women in the Workplace

We’ve got some BIG news at Apex! We have three pregnant mommas – all due around the same time – which, thrills the entire Apex team!

Seeing our employees grow and prepare for their upcoming births is exciting, but it also leaves us questioning how we can accommodate and provide them with the amenities they deserve once their little ones arrive.

Despite many forward-thinking companies providing a range of employee perks, many fail to meet the needs for mothers within the workplace. Most workplaces haven’t gone through a significant redesign in decades, which speaks to an era where the majority of women weren’t employed full-time. For the few that have, they often miss the opportunity to positively improve the health and wellbeing of their employees.

In response to that, we’ve been thinking of ways to better accommodate our Apex mommas. After doing some digging and speaking to the women at Apex, we’ve decided to design a “Mother’s Room,” where the women can have a private, calming space to pump or breastfeed throughout the workday.

Here’s a few considerations and tips we’ve compiled to create a Mother’s Room within the workplace:

A Locking Mechanism

A Mother’s Room has to lock – end of story. Providing women with the peace of mind that they won’t be interrupted – or walked in on – is extremely important. Consider purchasing a locking mechanism that shows the status of the room outside the door (e.g. a sign showing whether the room is vacant or in use), is an easy way to reassure mothers when it’s locked.

Functional, Comfortable Furniture

Selecting comfortable furniture, such as plush recliners and covered ottomans, should be prioritized when designing a Mother’s Room. More often than not, women will be multi-tasking while they’re pumping or feeding. Including several, flat surfaces available for mothers to use their laptop, read printed notes, or use their smart phone will make work easier and more efficient.

Selecting couches or cabinets with storage is also an important design element – mothers can keep bulky pumps, spare diapers, or car seats in a space that’s protected and removed from sight.

Need help selecting the perfect furniture for your Mother’s Room? Reach out to see a list of our favorite products!

Thoughtful Layout

Most offices, and rooms in general, are designed with the furniture facing the door. After speaking with our mommas at Apex, we’ve learned to turn the chairs around, so their backs face the entrance. This way, they are less exposed if someone happens to walk in or interrupt them.

Placing recliners and tables beside electrical outlets is another important consideration. Electric pumps, laptops, tablets, and smart phones require power, which is often overlooked in the layout design.

Covered Windows

At Apex, we’ve decided to transform one of our collaboration rooms into a Mother’s Room. Right away, we noticed a large issue – the room has large, vertical windows facing a busy, urban sidewalk.

The integration of frosted window films or blackout curtains was instantly prioritized. Not only will window coverings block the street view, but they will create a dimly lit space – perfect for relaxing and tending to an infant.

A Small Refrigerator

Investing in a small refrigerator is a small cost compared to the huge benefit it gives to mothers. A separate refrigerator keeps breast milk separate and protected, while keeping other employees comfortable that breast milk is not in the same fridge as their lunches.

Being a full-time mother and employee is hard work, so providing women with a relaxing escape is the least we can do to provide support. We’re excited to begin our “workplace nesting” and create a Mother’s Room for our own Apex mommas. Stay tuned for transformation photos – we can’t wait to reveal the space!

Feel free to give us a call or connect with us to coordinate, design, or create a Mother’s Room within your own workplace. We’d love to help you!

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