The Truth About Open Workspaces



While open office environments have been seen as ways to boost collaboration, productivity, and creativity; new studies reveal that open-plan offices have detrimental effects on workers.

The challenge for businesses becomes: How do we create office plans that foster collaboration, increase productivity, boost morale, and stimulate creativity while retaining an open floor plan?

Further studies have shown that those workplaces that support both the individual work and collaborative work see a significant spike in performance. Creating zones that are designated for specific tasks within the open-plan office seems to be the answer. It is time to focus on activity-based working.


Build “Quiet Zones”

Quiet areas are a must. With strict project deadlines, your employees need to be able to concentrate and get their job done. Creating quiet zones as a part of open office plans where workers are invited to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the open-plan environment boosts productivity and increases focus.


Establish Team Spaces

Sometimes specific teams of 4-6, like engineers or creators need space to brainstorm and collaborate. Lively (and loud!) discussions are better held in private conference rooms so that these teams do not disrupt others from their workflow.


Create Meeting Areas

Whether the entire office needs to meet-up for a monthly check-in, or just to sign-up for healthcare; it’s important to have a designated area where your whole team can meet. Circular layouts that allow everyone to see and hear each other are ideal.


Lounging Zones

Reward your employees and build company loyalty by creating an inviting hangout spot. Here, teams are encouraged to strengthen their relationships both after hours and during company lunches and learn how to communicate and work together better.

While open office plans and shared workspace environments have their share of pros and cons, it is important to find a way to make these spaces work for you. By creating designated zones where your employees can collaborate, focus, or relax, you will evolve your office, build a highly efficient team, and increase worker productivity.

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