Three Simple Ways to Adapt Your Workplace for the Millennial Workforce

By 2020, the millennial generation will make up 46 percent of all workers. In fact, you’ve probably noticed more millennials in the workspace as they’ve graduated from college and begin settle in their careers. That’s why it’s important to consider how your workspace impacts millennials and how it can be adapted for the future. We’ve compiled some simple tips to help boost the productivity of your millennial employees and their older colleagues.

  1. Elevate: Millennials seek out career opportunities with more in mind than just a paycheck. They want to be invested in their employers and they want their employers to be invested in them, including their health and wellness. As you may have heard, “sitting is the new smoking.” Offering standing desks to all employees will show that you’re invested in them, and millennials will surely take notice.


  1.  Caffeinate: Gone are the days of the dreary, lone water cooler as a source of refreshment in the workplace. Today’s office space must offer the essentials of water, coffee, and tea. But millennials want a little more; they want to collaborate with their coworkers in these spaces, too. The resi-merical (residential + commercial) office concepts allow for these spaces to be open and accessible to everyone, while also preventing collaboration from potentially disrupting others who prefer a quieter workspace.


  1. Collaborate: Many millennials thrive on collaboration in all aspects of life; at work, at home, or even at the gym. This generation finds satisfaction in working with others, especially with the use of technology. Consider turning your average conference room into a space that utilizes technology to allow your employees, regardless of generation, to think and dream bigger for your business. Walls can become screens: digital whiteboards for brainstorms, group training sessions, and more.

At Apex Facility Resources, we don’t build for today or tomorrow; we build for change. If you have the ability to change and adapt, your business will be ready for whatever comes its way. Click here to learn more about refreshing your space and contact us today to learn more about how your office can have its own millennial makeover.