Transform Your Workspace With Demountable Walls

Are you tired of being distracted by office chit-chat, device notifications, and visual noise? If you said yes, you’re not alone!

With open spaces on the rise, business owners are beginning to identify problematic behaviors within the office. The most common issues have centered around privacy, acoustics, and collaborations.

A simple solution is the addition of demountable walls. These modular partitions can transform your open layout into a productive, collaborative space.

Check out the six example spaces you can create with demountable walls:

Private Offices

While private offices have been in a downward trend, several industries still value executive desking to host internal, classified information. Glass partitions allow executives to maintain acoustic privacy, while initiating a sense of inclusivity with their employees. 

Focus Enclaves

Employees can use enclaves (also known as huddle rooms) for one-on-one meetings and collaborations within a focused, quiet area. These designated rooms have superior acoustics to reduce distractions and increase productivity.

Phone Booths

Employees in open workspace environments need access to private spaces for confidential and sensitive phone calls. Phone booths provide thick acoustic paneling to keep conversations private.

Collaborative Spaces

Collaborative spaces can serve as a workspace studio for teams to brainstorm, chat, and create ideas. These spaces contain whiteboards, adaptable power sources, and modular furniture to reconfigure as needed. 

Conference Rooms

With the rise of virtual teams, optimized conferencing areas are a must! Tabletop microphones and large monitors support content sharing, video conferencing, and remote-collaboration. 

Lounge Areas

Designating specific areas for relaxing, chatting, or enjoying a cup of coffee increases chance encounters between employees. Studies show these encounters boost productivity and collaborations within the workplace - a win-win situation for you and your employees!

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