What's your Company DNA

As a business owner, I have many conversations with my peers about the challenges of recruiting, hiring, and retaining the right people for our organization. Although we sell commercial office furniture, 50% of our revenues come from our integrated services platform, which is contingent on the having great people. As we have grown over the years, we discovered that our most successful employees have 4 primary characteristics that made them successful at our company. We call these characteristics the 4-traits which make up our company DNA.

Because we manage workspace transitions, our company must be prepared to support our client’s continuous facility evolution. Success is based on integrating service solutions that save our customer time and money, and this requires great people to reduce our client’s stress and deliver “peace of mind” throughout the process. Our company DNA is unique in the changing market we serve.



The 4 Traits of our company DNA:

Continuous Learner: This trait might be universal for all organizations, but for Apex it is critical that our people continuously find ways to improve our services and the customer experience. While most of the learning is “on the job” we offer and promote continuous learning outside of work, as well!

Embraces Change: Human nature resists change so this trait is hard to find. Our business model is a service a change which strengthens our “change suffer muscle” and reduces the fear of change which is perhaps the greatest challenge.

Finisher: Another universal trait for most organizations. There are many details in the process of installing and relocating workspaces, but most important is to complete the project! This can be learned but attention to detail here is more often a personality trait.

Natural Problem Solver: As the workspace delivery model becomes more complex, we are constantly co-inventing solutions with our customers. The very foundation of our business is based on providing “non-traditional” solutions to simplify the complex.

As we continue to grow, we find that our DNA is the foundation of our success. Our people are stronger and more innovative in confronting the challenges our clients face which is the defining factor of our success!

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