Why to Invest in Commercial-Quality Office Furniture at Home

Commercial quality furniture in your home office is a great investment for your health and will save you money in the long run.

Full-time workers require their equipment to stand up to full-time use. That’s why companies insist on quality furnishings for their offices. Unfortunately, most of the products sold for home offices are not designed for full-time use. Commercial office furniture is. The difference between the two can have a big impact on your health and finances.


Three key differences are:

1) Durability.  Retail home office furniture is not intended for full-time use and will not be able to handle the extra strain. Commercial quality office furniture is intended to be used all day, every day. The materials, structure, and mechanisms are put through rigorous testing to ensure long term reliability. So, while office furniture from a standard retailer may cost less to start, it must be replaced more often.


2) Warranty. The warranties of retail home office furnishings often run less than a year. Commercial grade warranties are usually multi-year and, on some parts, a lifetime.


3) Ergonomics and Health. Commercial furniture is held to higher ergonomic standards and constructed with high-quality materials, which means that items will stay ergonomic much longer. Because commercial office furniture is intended to be used constantly, the long-term health and comfort of the user is a major design concern. As the lower quality foam, fabric, and hardware of retail furniture breaks down, any ergonomic benefits are lost quickly.


While you may be tempted by the lower price tag at big box stores, the long term benefits of commercial-quality furniture make it a sustainable long-term investment. Save yourself money, frustration, and avoid some aches and pains – invest in commercial-grade furniture. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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