Three Ways to Implement New Technology in Any Workspace

Use of technology can be a great way to increase productivity, ease collaboration and increase efficiencies. Any kind of work environment -- whether it be hospitals, traditional offices, open workspaces, or even remote-based companies -- can benefit from the introduction and implementation of new tools and resources. However, the speed of adaptation between individual employees can vary substantially from person to person. Here’s our advice for a simple and effective way to introduce new technology that allows your team to hit the ground running

1. Educate: Encourage exploration and foster leadership in your employees by tasking them with teaching themselves and each other how to use the new technology you’d like to introduce to your workplace. This will ensure everyone has the same foundational understanding of new applications or devices before they begin using the new tools. The best part? Your employees will feel more comfortable relying on each other, and each person will have a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses in adopting new technology in the future.

2. Practice: Once the foundation of the new technology’s capabilities is understood among the entire team, proceed with an internal soft launch of the new tools. This will give your employees the opportunity to have hands-on practice with new technology before they begin relying on it with external team members or vendors; provide room to make mistakes and build mastery one day at a time

3. Implement: Go live! After your team has the chance to teach themselves and each other about the new technology and has had ample time to practice using the solutions, they’ll feel more than ready to go live (internally and externally) with their new tools or devices. Most of all, they’ll feel confident and prepared to be effective and capable with the new tools, especially if a need arises for troubleshooting or adoption of additional features.

Introducing new technology in any kind of workspace can be a daunting and challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be! Approaching implementation with an open mind and full transparency can be the difference between delight and disaster. Be sure to take your time, allow room for mistakes, and your team will be able to master any tool or device that comes their way!