Workplace Ergonomics: Take a Break!

Spending 8 or 9 hours sitting at a desk can be physically taxing on the body, but allowing yourself time for breaks throughout the day can ease the burden. Recent studies have shown that mental breaks can improve productivity, creativity and overall wellbeing. Ergonomists suggest taking frequent, brief breaks are the most efficient way to alleviate mental stress.

Creating a workday routine filled with mental breaks will help your body and your mind to reset, giving you the energy and the perspective needed to succeed.

Practice our ergonomic workplace tips:

Eye Breaks

Looking at a computer screen for an extended period causes Computer Vision Syndrome. This leads to blurred vision, dry, red and itchy eyes, headaches, and even neck and back problems. Taking a vision break every 15-20 minutes allows the muscles inside the eye to relax. In addition, blinking will refresh the tear film and clear dust from the eye’s surface.

Micro Breaks 

Micro breaks are tiny, biologically meaningful breaks from being stuck in one position for too long. Between repetitive tasks (such as typing), you can stretch, stand up, move around, or do a different work task. A micro break isn't necessarily a break from work, but it's a break from using the same set of muscles. 

Rest Breaks

The University of Pittsburgh suggests taking rest breaks every 45-60 minutes. Simple activities such as grabbing a cup of coffee, chatting with a coworker, or taking a lap around the office will allow your mind to relax and reset.

Exercise Breaks

Participating in stimulating movements, such as stretching, will relieve muscle fatigue and soreness. Ergonomists suggest completing these activities every 1-2 hours for continuous blood flow and optimal circulation. 

Ergonomic Software

As technology has progressed, there are many Apps that aim to increase physical well-being. Ergonomic software tracks computer usage and prompts you to take breaks at appropriate intervals.

While extended work shifts are inevitable, our ergonomic solutions promote wellness and productivity. So, take a break!

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